Flow Control and Monitoring/Stormwater Management

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Organic particulate removal

The BIOACTIFLO process from Kruger Inc. removes soluble and particulate organic material (more than 85 percent total BOD removal) while providing high-quality treated water. The process achieves 100 percent biological treatment for all wet-weather flows and saves installation costs. The system can greatly reduce capital and installation costs of membrane filtration processes by treating peak flows, or can be used for tertiary treatment during dry weather. 919/677-8310; www.krugerusa.com.


Stormwater chambers

CULTEC has added internal manifold capability to its Recharger 150 and Contactor 100 subsurface stormwater chambers, allowing more design flexibility and eliminating the need for fabricated pipe manifolds. The internal manifold is created by inserting an HVLV SFCx2 feed connector into the portal on the sidewall of the chamber.

Polyethylene liner is placed beneath the feed connector locations to prevent scouring and to provide a smooth surface for stormwater travel. The two side portals on each chamber allow manifolding to take place at any point in the stormwater management system. It eliminates external manifolds and so decreases the required footprint.

The Recharger series are high-capacity chambers. The Contactor series consist of lower-profile models for systems with high water tables or other depth restraints or when design requires a larger infiltrative surface area. 800/428-5832; www.cultec.com.


Lightweight treatment system

Advanced Drainage Systems Water Quality Units are a lightweight, easy-to-install and efficient stormwater treatment solution. The units remove floatable debris such as oils and greases, are available in 36- to 60-inch diameters, and are made from HDPE. Each unit is fitted with access risers for easy inspection and maintenance of the sediment and oil chambers. Independent testing showed removal of 80 percent of TSS, 80 percent of oil and grease, 74 percent of heavy metals, and 43 percent total phosphorus. 800/821-6710; www.ads-pipe.com.


Flow data delivery

Hach Flow Meter Products & Services offers Data Delivery Services, a hands-off approach to open-channel sewer flow monitoring for short- and long-term applications. Hach handles installation of Web-enabled flowmeters and performs maintenance and data collection so that users never have to visit the monitoring sites.

The company says customers see significant savings while freeing staff for other tasks. Users pay only for the sewer flow data, and the contract includes guaranteed meter uptime. Users can access unedited data anytime via a Web browser on a password-protected site. Professional flow data reporting can be accomplished on graphical Web-based user interface. Hydrographs, scatter-plots and other representations are provided. Event notification alarms can be sent to customer-specified recipients for any sensor parameter via email or text. 800/368-2723; www. hachflow.com/dds.


Submersible propeller pumps

Flygt submersible propeller pumps from ITT Water & Wastewater move large volumes of water within low- to medium-head applications. The motor and hydraulics are integrated into one compact unit, resulting in smaller, less complex and more cost-effective pump stations. Operating submerged, they take up less space and eliminate noise and motor cooling problems. Capacities range from 4,000 to 120,000 gpm. 203/712-8999; www.flygtus.com.


Netting system

StormX from Storm Water Systems is an end-of-pipe netting capture system designed for urban hot spots. It has the strength to handle first flush and capture gross pollutants as small as 5 mm without causing flooding.

The system is constructed of stainless steel hubs that can be cast into concrete or mechanically attached for a weir configuration or secured directly to concrete or steel pipe outfalls with reusable commercial grade nets. Built-in overflows allow heavy runoff to flow unimpeded. The devices are designed to allow the weirs and nets to assist with sediment fallout and collection. They are available in a variety of standard sizes from 18 to 72 inches in diameter and in custom sizes. 888/730-5819; www.stormwatersystems.com.


Detention system

The Storm Capture modular stormwater detention system from Oldcastle Precast is an underground structural precast concrete system used for infiltration, detention, or retention and reuse, as well as for treatment-train systems. Its stand-alone traffic-bearing design does not rely on final paving and associated stone underlayment or on specific stone backfill for structural capacity and storage. Modules are made of high-strength concrete and are installed on a simple setting bed of stone.

The ability to support traffic allows for minimal cover. Pavement options are asphalt, concrete or concrete pavers. Standard inlet grates allow stormwater direct entry from a roadway surface, eliminating separate inlet structures. The system incorporates direct access for inspection and cleaning through grates, manholes or removable slabs, as well as a Maintenance Module for sustainability. The modules have a smaller footprint with more storage capacity and allow for rapid installation. 888/965-3227; www.oldcastleprecast.com/storm capture.


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