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August Product News
Flexaust eco-friendly flexible hose

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Vac-Con, CUES inspection camera

The Inspector Cam camera system from Vac-Con Inc. features a CUES camera that can be mounted on any Vac-Con combination sewer cleaner for inspecting pipes before cleaning. The camera system mounts to the hose reel and is propelled by the high-pressure water system on the machine, similar to a standard cleaning nozzle. The camera system can be retrofitted on all Vac-Con combination machines. 888/491-5762;


Xplore Technologiestablet computers

The ix104C5 tablet computer from Xplore Technologies can withstand 7-foot operating drops to plywood and 4-foot drops to concrete. Fully submersible for up to 30 minutes, the tablet is impenetrable to dust and debris. The docking unit allows the tablet to be mounted in vehicles and quickly removed. The tablet has a temperature operating range of -30 to 160 degrees F and is Class 1, Division II certified to function in explosion prone areas. 888/449-7567;


MAX-LIFE claw rake, hose grabber

The M3R-1 claw rake and MLHG-1 hose grabber fiberglass pole accessories from MAX-LIFE come either clipped or threaded. The three-prong rake with 90-degree bend is made for grabbing roots and debris from manholes and storm drains. The hose grabber is designed to retrieve sewer hoses, skids and nozzles. Opposing round “C” hooks enable the tool to secure the hose. 888/873-6295;


Flexaust eco-friendly flexible hose

The Flex-Tube EF (eco-friendly) flexible hose from Flexaust is made from medium-weight clear, coextruded polyolefin elastomer with rigid green external polypropylene helix. An environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, the hose is phthalate-free, has low VOCs and smooth interior for efficient airflow. Hoses are available in 2.5- to 10-inch sizes with 0.028-inch wall thickness (2.5 to 4 inches), 0.030-inch wall (5 inches) and 0.035-inch wall (6 to 10 inches) in 25- and 50-foot lengths. 800/343-0428;


Wohler relining adapter kit

A relining adapter for VIS2xx and VIS3xx visual inspection camera systems from Wohler USA is designed so the entire circumference of the lateral line is visible when reinstalling. The kit comes with centering star to ensure the camera remains on the bottom of the lateral and three protection sleeves that prevent the camera cable from being cut during reinstallment. 978/766-2956;


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