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Performance specifications are a big part of NASSCO’s mission to set industry standards

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Our mission at NASSCO, the National Association of Sewer Service Companies, has stood the test of time. Written more than 35 years ago, it continues to meet the current needs of the industry: To set industry standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground pipelines, and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies.

Everything NASSCO does is designed to support that mission. One of the most important ways we work to set industry standards is through the specification documents NASSCO and its divisions work tirelessly to provide. Our specifications are a product of the collaboration between contractors and experienced engineers to support quality rehabilitation and repair of underground infrastructure, which ultimately will continue to build the acceptance and growth of these technologies.

ICGA (Infiltration Control Grouting Association), a division of NASSCO, recently released Suggested Standard Specification for Pressure Testing and Grouting of Sewer Pipe Joints, Laterals and Lateral Connections Using the Packer Method with Solution Grouts. Written by ICGA members and objectively peer-reviewed by a number of industry experts across the country, the specification is designed to be a neutral document that can provide value to the engineering community as they prepare sewer rehabilitation project specifications. While there are ASTM standards to which many refer, NASSCO and ICGA saw the need to provide documentation that would support the bid process by providing principals, details and concepts that can aid in the process.

This pressure testing and grouting specification includes general descriptions and requirements, product details, specifics regarding various executions, typical bid items, a sample payment schedule, and supplementary unit prices. This specification, along with all other NASSCO performance specifications, is not specific to any one product, but can be used as a valuable guideline to improve the success rate of chemical grouting and increase the longevity of our sewers.

NASSCO and its divisions offer a variety of additional performance specification documents for the trenchless industry, including:

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP): Guideline for the installation of CIPP.

Folded Pipe: Guideline for the installation of folded (thermoplastic) pipe.

Pipe Bursting: Guideline for the replacement of mainline sewer pipes using pipe bursting technology.

Renovation of Manhole Structures: Guidelines to renovate manholes.

Smoke Testing: Guideline for materials and procedures to be used in the investigation of sanitary sewer facilities.

NASSCO is working hard to keep information in these references current, and continues to develop standards to meet the needs of the industry. There are many other sources out there that are vendor-related, however, NASSCO’S goal in developing these specification documents is to provide neutral information that can be adjusted to suit a particular project need.

To learn more about joining NASSCO and accessing the specification documents made available by NASSCO and its divisions, please visit www.nassco.org. F

Ted DeBoda is executive director of NASSCO. He can be reached at director@nassco.org.


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