New Ways To Promote Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

NASSCO has made significant strides in supporting and promoting trenchless technologies.

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Social media is a wonderful thing. It keeps information and ideas flowing in real time to cultivate discussions, open doors to new opportunities, and connect people and organizations with common causes.

A recent posting on a widely used social media network for professionals shared some of NASSCO’s accomplishments, although it mentioned accomplishments from several years ago. This gave us the opportunity to share some of the important strides our member-driven organization has recently made to support industry advocacy:

We are fortunate to have Gerry Muenchmeyer, NASSCO’s technical director and this year’s Trenchless Technology Person of the Year, to impart much of his knowledge and experience on NASSCO’s many training programs. Recently our focus has been to expand and enhance our main training programs, the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) and the Inspector Training and Certification Program (ITCP).

NASSCO recently produced a sewer cleaning training video to accompany the Jetter Code of Practice.

We are also working with industry professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada to update the PACP program. This team is being very careful to enhance the program while maintaining flexibility in data collection and usage. We plan to have the update, version 7.0, available sometime next year.

ITCP training for installation of cured-in-place pipe has been growing significantly as more service providers see the value of requiring certified inspectors (and engineers) on their jobs. The ITCP for manhole rehabilitation was launched last year and is off to a great start. NASSCO is now working with the International Pipe Bursting Association to develop an ITCP for pipe bursting.

NASSCO is also committed to teaming with organizations that share our vision for growth of the industry. The most obvious of these is the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and specifically its Collections System Committee. NASSCO and WEF entered into an agreement last July, and since then we have worked together on several webinars (available on, workshops, congressional fly-ins and other joint opportunities. We will continue to work with organizations such as WEF, the North American Society for Trenchless Technology and others to better serve the industry. Our recent teaming with like-minded organizations provides better overall support for the industry.

NASSCO is also providing standards outside of the U.S. and recently updated agreements to provide training in Quebec and the rest of Canada through the Canadian Standards Association.  We recently signed a new agreement with the Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques, which we presented as the keynote address at its annual conference in May in Medellin, Colombia.

Everything we do is designed to further NASSCO’s mission: set industry standards for the assessment and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure, and to ensure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies. NASSCO has accomplished many things over the years, and many more initiatives are coming up during our strategic planning process, which we hope to share soon in this space and through social media.


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