Minimize Service Disruption With NuCure Large-Diameter UV Point Repair

UV point repair is an efficient and precise way to repair larger diameter pipes with minimal service disruption. Suitable for municipal, industrial and commercial sewer and storm drains, the innovative repair system utilizes NuCure Cold Cure UV technology to ensure quick curing times and to minimize the risk of error during installation.

NuCure Large Diameter UV Point Repair is suitable for pipes 8 inches to 24 inches in diameter. The unique cold cure resin formula cures densely within minutes, ensuring a full repair while speeding installation times dramatically, according to the manufacturer.

Reducing mistakes

The shelf-stable epoxy allows for wet-out on or off site, minimizing the risk of error by activating liners in place. Because the resin is activated in place with UV light exposure, the resins provide unrestricted “pot life” (working time). This reduces risks from unforeseen site conditions and permits crews time to make adjustments if needed. 

Varying temperature conditions do not significantly alter the required curing times for UV-cured resins, so there is no need to adjust the resin mixture or the curing schedule for extreme hot or cold site conditions. In addition, UV curing requires less field expertise because there are fewer variables impacting the overall quality of the finished liner. The NuCure GRP liner wraps provide a thin wall, high-strength structure to avoid flow loss.

The umbilical module and cable drum allows for simple management of the integrated electrical and pneumatic conveyance system. The packers are made of a robust silicone and come in four sizes (8-10 inch, 12-14 inch, 15-18 inch and 20-24 inch) which are easily replaceable in the field. A high-definition wide-view camera located on the packer allows the user to both identify the positioning of the repair as well as capture finished video, eliminating the need for a separate crawler after completion of the repair. All curing data is captured to provide full process documentation for quality assurance. 

NuFlow Technologies was founded in Canada in 1998 and offers trenchless pipe repair, pipe lining, pipe relining and trenchless sewer repair services. The company manufactures, installs and distributes cost-effective, green repipe alternatives and no-dig solutions, including epoxy coatings for potable waterlines and mechanical systems, and structural liners for drainlines.

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