Waterblasting - Heavy-duty degreaser concentrate

COBRA Heavy Duty Degreaser concentrate from Enviroform Industries provides high-strength cleaning for tough cleanups. Dirt, grease, grime and other soils are powered away quickly. It works on almost any industrial surface, including steel, iron, aluminum, plastics, magnesium, glass, composites, epoxies and concrete, cleaning at up to a 128:1 dilution. It is easy to use by hand, as a parts dip or for pressure washing. It is made with green ingredients approved by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. It biodegrades within 30 days, is nonflammable and has low VOC that meets the AQMD minimum VOC level of 25 grams per liter undiluted. 877/694-6330; www.enviroformindustries.com.


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