Lift Stations - Park USA PumpTrooper

The PumpTrooper submersible pump lift station system from Park USA is used to receive sanitary wastewater or stormwater and move it through a collections system. It can be used to temporarily store the wastewater, but it is generally used to transfer liquid that cannot gravity-flow on its own. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution where a pump system is required. The submersible pump is a vertical, close-coupled electric pump that resides underwater. The pumps operate quietly and are cooled by the liquid, which maximizes their life span. Sanitary wastewater or stormwater enters the wet well basin through the inlet pipe. An electric liquid level control system monitors the water level and engages the pump at predetermined levels. The pumps then transfer the liquid up and out of the wet well basin into the sanitary or storm sewer system. 888/611-7275;


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