Epoxies - Epoxytec CPP Sprayliner system

The CPP Sprayliner system from Epoxytec is an ultrahigh-build, fiber-reinforced, spray-applied structural epoxy designed for water/wastewater environments. It is resistant to most chemical attack, sealing and protecting while maintaining high adhesive bond strength. It is formulated with high cross-linking resins to deliver high flexural and tensile strengths to create a semistructural (partially deteriorated) or fully structural (fully deteriorated) liner. It delivers a renewed substrate while also lining. This moisture-tolerant, 100 percent solids, high-strength fiber-reinforced-polymer is applied via a continuous spray-on installation with equipment calibrated for high volume, high pressure, and spraying in rapid time. It enables easy resurfacing and lining with one product, and it can be spray-applied up to 200 mils per pass. Each layer continues to build higher to achieve thicknesses surpassing typical spray-on liners. 954-961-4656; www.epoxytec.com.


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