Inside the June 2010 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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Home Cooking
The City of Ames succeeds with an in-house pipe inspection program and looks to put its own crews to work on sewer cleaning, as well
Getting Control
The Water Services Department in Kansas City deploys more than 300 green stormwater initiatives in a citywide effort to help curtail CSOs
Follow the Bouncing Ball
A combination of technologies, including a SmartBall acoustic leak detection device, provide condition assessments for a Maryland district
Inside Information
BEM technology helps utilities gather data on condition and life expectancy in pressurized pipes as part of a risk-based, predictive approach to rehabilitation
Made to Order
Two cities improve infrastructure management with software packages that enable high flexibility and customization to suit specific needs
Filling the Pipeline
In many cases, the best way to find high-quality CCTV inspection operators is to identify people with the right personal attributes and train them yourself
Industry News - June 2010
SPIR STAR Opens Mexico Repair Center, Launches Web Site; Hydraulic Institute Recognizes Atchia; Fairmount Launches Water Treatment Web Site
What Would Mother Say?
The official report card says that America’s critical infrastructure gets near-failing grades. Maybe the remedy is easier than we think.
Just One!
This summer, commit yourself to take one affirmative step toward educating the public and government officials about the importance of water infrastructure
Combination Trailer Allows Simultaneous Jetting and Vacuuming
JVLT combination trailer from Hi-Vac Corp./O’Brien Manufacturing
Knowing Y
Managers will soon face a new generation of workers who require more hands-on attention and more development to build needed skills
Product News - June 2010
Featured products of June.