IBAK BP 100: Powered by WinCan

Now you can streamline your inspection data workflow from the IBAK BP 100 controller to WinCan

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IBAK BP 100: Powered by WinCan

WinCan VX now integrates directly with the IBAK MiniLite and MainLite portable inspection systems through the BP 100 controller. Annotate footage and export straight to WinCan Web or GIS. WinCan VX also collects 3DS Geosense data from both the MiniLite push rod and the MainLite reel.

If you’re already running WinCan with these systems, you can now download the latest update on the WinCan website: www.wincan.com/en/downloads/.

If you’re not running WinCan with your IBAK system, request a demo today to see what it can do.

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