Chemical & Mechanical Root Control

Chemical & Mechanical Root Control
Propane-powered jetter cart

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  Propane-powered jetter cart

Liquid propane (LP) powered jetter carts from American Jetter offer compact mobility, environmentally friendly fuel, user-friendly controls and wireless and foot valve operation for safety. They are safer than gasoline-powered units in lower-ventilation areas, use a standard 33-pound forklift-style tank, and are less prone to propane freeze in colder climates. The LP is converted from liquid to gas just before it enters the engine instead of pulled off the top of the tank. Each unit comes with a portable hose reel with up to 300 feet of 3/8-inch hose, a washdown gun kit and a jetting nozzle set. 866/944-3569;

  Towable jetter nozzle

The Cnt-r-KUT “TOW HOOK” towable jetter nozzle from Arthur Products allows for pressurized water to be applied by the integration of a towing nozzle, which can be pulled through the line. The technician can also pull a line from point “A” to point “B” if required. It is flexible enough to conform to damaged or deformed lines and can easily be trimmed in the field to fit virtually any line from 2 to 8 inches in diameter by attaching a 3/8- or 1/2-inch taper hose to one end. It is available in a standard and mini size. 800/322-0510;

  Low-maintenance cutting nozzles

Root Rat cutting nozzles from Chempure Products are used with jetters from 11 hp units to large truck-mounted models. Manufactured of hardened stainless steel, the cutters come with a toolbox with two interchangeable rotors — one with cables and the other with chains. The combination kit includes extra chain, cable and bearings. They need no repair or rebuilding other than bearing replacement, which can be completed in less than two minutes for less than $10 in parts. 800/288-7873;

  Root control service

Duke’s Root Control is a full-service root control company dedicated to keeping sewer systems free of tree root growth. Through application of the company’s herbicide, Razorooter II, over 2,000 U.S. municipalities have benefited from extended pipe life, reduced SSO occurrences, and maximized asset value. They can customize a root-control program that integrates CMOM into each municipality’s O&M plan. They only apply EPA-registered products that do not negatively impact downstream treatment facilities and are shown to be non-cancer-causing. If a root-related stoppage occurs within two to three years after treatment, they will re-treat the line. 800/447-6687;

  Adjustable drain-cleaning machine

The DM150 drain-cleaning machine from Duracable Manufacturing  is equipped with a 1/6 hp motor that operates at 230 rpm. The machine has the ability to operate in five positions (from 0 to 90 degrees) that can be secured to keep the reel from slipping during operation. Equipped with a heavy-duty casted self-aligning head bearing, the reel maintains proper alignment while in operation. The head bearing also holds the reel in place and allows for a quick-change reel. The pivot machine can be run with three different sized reels, including an 8-inch reel for 1/4-inch cable, a 14-inch reel for 3/8-inch cable, and a 14-inch oversized reel for running 1/2-inch cable. A mini power cable feed and return helps run cable at a steady pace. It can also be transported easily with an additional machine cart. 800/247-4081;

  Hydrostatic sewer cleaner

The Model 800 hydrostatic sewer cleaner from Electric Eel is engineered to clean 4- to 24-inch-diameter pipelines at distances up to 650 feet. It features variable drive speeds and an automatic transmission. A hand lever controls the cleaning speeds at full torque from 50 to 1,000 rpm. The unit runs 8-foot sectional heavy-duty self-feeding municipal cables that require no handling by the operator and allow for faster cleaning. Right-hand wound outer coils and 11/16-inch-diameter left-hand wound inner coil, both anchored to the coupling, reduce helixing and loss of cable in pipeline. An open space outer coil design helps loosen deposits and auger them back. 800/833-1212;

  Root cutters

Root cutters from Enz USA can effectively clean pipes from as small as 3 inches up to 48 inches in diameter. Turbine units come complete with sealed bearings, which allow the unit to be operated with both clean and recycled water, while being relatively maintenance free. They are also effective for removing grease, solids, mineral deposits, concrete and grout. Protruding laterals can also be removed using the company’s “Diamond Tap Cutters.” 877/369-8721;

  Tank-cleaning machine

The EZ-8 tank-cleaning machine from Gamajet features a fluid-driven, versatile and durable design and is lightweight for easy handling and maneuverability. It can be customized to meet specific needs, with options that include directional nozzles enabling usage in various tanks and vessels in a number of applications. It eliminates the need for confined-space entry, reducing time spent cleaning. It combines pressure and flow to create high-impact cleaning jets that deliver impingement force by rotating in a repeatable and reliable 360-degree pattern. It has a flow rate of 25 to 130 gpm and a pressure range of 20 to 1,000 psi. 877/426-2538;

  Combination jetvac

The MC Advanced Series combination jetvac from GapVax includes a monitoring system, allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. The display screen (one inside cab/one outside) will control hydraulics, blower and water pump operations with a complete compliment of gauges. All body functions, boom and hose reel functions, vacuum break, throttle, area and safety lighting are wirelessly controlled, while still maintaining proportional boom and hose reel control. The heavy-duty, double-acting, single-lift cylinder provides a stable 50-degree dump angle. The boom is an 8-foot front-mounted, telescopic design with dual lift cylinders, reaching 26 feet with a 270-degree rotation. 888/442-7829;

  Cutting blades

Clog Chopper cutting blades from General Pipe Cleaners are multifunction tools with six self-sharpening blades that break through encrusted debris, root masses, scale, crystallized urine and other stoppages without damaging the pipe. The spherical design maneuvers around tight ends and traps to clean metal, plastic and clay pipes. The tools clean stacks, downspouts, mainlines and drainpipes. They come in 1-, 1 1/2-, 2-, 2 1/2-, 3- and 4-inch sizes and a variety of connector options for General and other major brands of cable machines. 800/245-6200;

  Heavy-duty drain-cleaning machine

The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain-cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and can be outfitted with a power feeder. Standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow-core cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. The overall weight of the machine is 185 pounds. Adding an optional loading ramp and electric winch to any vehicle makes transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 562/944-3060;

  Hot/cold water jetter

The Model HJTA853600 hot/cold water drain and sewer jetter from Hot Jet USA has the additional capability of being used as a high-powered power washer. The hot water option is proven in heavy grease applications and in specialty applications such as pipelining and manhole rehabilitation. The unit is rated at 8.5 gpm at 3,600 psi, and is an ideal-sized jetter to clean 2- to 8-inch lines. 800/624-8186;

  Robot milling system

The HydroCut 150 from IBG Hydro-Tech is a small self-propelled robot that offers high-powered milling. It is equipped with a bracing unit, CCD swivel, zoom camera and fixed CCD camera with high-performance LED lighting. It is driven by high water pressure and applicable to both circular and egg-shaped pipes. It is easy to handle with a mobile control unit or integrated vehicle control panel. An all-purpose tool holder makes changing of cutting heads fast and easy. It has a working range of 6 to 14 feet and a milling force of 4 kW and 20,000 to 30,000 rpm.

  Lateral cleaner

The Lateral Cleaning Launcher from Logiball is pulled in tandem with a multi-conductor camera, positioned at the service connection where the guiding arm is rotated with tractor controls. The jet operator turns the pump on, and the 1/2- or 3/8-inch hose and nozzle are launched into the lateral from the main, cleaning grease, roots, buildups and more. Cleaning distances from 5 feet and as far as 70 feet into the lateral have been achieved. The system is available for 6-inch to 18-inch mainlines. 800/246-5988;

  Mainline cable machine

The M81 Big Workhorse (and the upright version, the M888) from MyTana Mfg. Company is a mainline cable machine for root cutting. It is equipped with a quiet capacitor start motor that allows the operator to listen and feel the cable as it works its way down the pipe, helping the operator react quickly when cable torque starts to build. It uses a gearbox drive mechanism that is capable of driving up to 400 feet of cable. Reels can be added or changed in seconds. The automatic feed retriever saves wear and tear on the operator’s arms and shoulders. It comes with a full set of blades (2- to 6-inch) as well as a set of replacement blades. Either an open-spoke steel reel or reinforced hard plastic molded reel is available. 800/328-8170;

  Sewer and storm cutter nozzle

The Paikert sewer and storm cutter nozzle from NozzTeq is a low speed, hydro-torque impact cutter designed for severe root blockages, concrete, grease, protruding laterals and any substance up to 5,000 psi. It features an impact drill motor, is designed to work in combination with most jetters and does not require any type of lubrication. It uses double-root saw blades along with single hardened bits to remove thick, heavy root growth. It is available in sizes from 4 to 24 inches. A variety of customizable cutting accessories, as well as technical assistance, is available. 866/620-5915;

  Foaming root control

Oblitiroot, a foaming sewer line root control product from Olvidium, has been formulated to use the maximum amount of the active ingredient, Dichlobenil, currently allowed by the EPA. It comes in two pouches which, when combined, can be applied through the clean-out or in the toilet bowl. Because it begins to foam only after the two parts are stirred or agitated together, the rooter-plumber applying the product can flush when desired so as to prevent toilet bowl overflow. 855/782-4531;

  Portable water jetter

The KJ-3100 portable water jetter from RIDGID clears blockages in 2- to 10-inch drainlines with 3,000 psi working pressure and 5.5 gpm flow rate. Powered by a 16 hp gasoline engine, it is mounted on a heavy-duty, two-wheeled cart that fits through standard-sized doors and negotiates tight turns. The hose reel quickly detaches from the cart for easy loading into service vehicles, and permits easy access to hard-to-reach drains. The 3/8-inch jetter hose is 200 feet long. The unit includes pulse action, which allows the cleaning head and hose to maneuver through traps and bends. The high-pressure pump is a triplex design with a corrosion-resistant brass head. The unit comes with both propulsion and penetrating nozzles. 800/769-7743;

  Root intrusion formula

RootX uses a foaming herbicidal formula to clear sewer lines, drains and septic systems blocked by roots. It kills roots on contact and inhibits re-growth, even at the top of the pipe, where 90 percent of intrusion occurs. Root debris begins to decay within 12 weeks, and nine months later the roots are virtually gone. RootX doesn’t contain copper sulfate or metam sodium, and it’s EPA accepted for use in all 50 states. 800/844-4974;

  Root and grease cutter

The Patriot 1 root and grease cutter from Sewer Equipment Company of America is capable of cleaning pipes ranging from 4 to 20 inches in diameter. It combines both rollers and skids to stabilize the cutter, allowing it to travel through the pipe with minimal friction. This enables reduced water consumption and more efficient cleaning. The rollers guide the skid assembly over offsets, joints and misaligned pipe, minimizing the possibility of getting hung up in the sewer line. Additionally, the skids are adjustable, which eliminates the need to change skids for different size pipes. They are available in 3/4- and 1-inch configurations, pressures up to 3,000 psi, and flows up to 80 gpm. Accessories include tap cutters, root saws and blades. 800/323-1604;

  Root cutter kit

The Puma Hi-Torque Hydraulic Root Cutter Kit from Southland Tool includes a heavy-duty cutter that produces 235 ft-lbs of torque at low speed. The kit includes four EZ skids that bolt on the front plate. Skids are marked with the size for easy identification. It includes four saw blades, flat or concave in 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch sizes. The kit includes the saw hub, motor turning tool, Allen wrench, instructions and toolbox. The EZ skids are available up to 24 inches with high stability to keep the cutter centered. 714/632-8198;

  Hydro-jet root cutter

The O’Brien Root Cutter from Spartan Tool uses the flow from a hydrojet to propel itself down sewer lines all the way to root intrusions and blockages, where the case-hardened, high RPM rotation of its cutting saws rip, tear and shred roots. It comes in an impact-resistant toolbox with quick-change skids to center the unit in sewer lines of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches. The circular, compressible spring-like saws are sized to stay just under the pipe’s diameter, and have cutting teeth on both sides. It operates on 3/4- or 1-inch hoses, and has a maximum working pressure of 2,000 psi and flows between 35 and 60 gpm. 800/435-3866;

  Root-cutting nozzle

The Warthog WG-1 Classic root-cutting nozzle from StoneAge is effective in cleaning pipes from 8 to 36 inches. Since each jet in a nozzle head takes a percentage of pump capacity, fewer jets mean each one gets a larger portion of the pump’s power. Rotating too fast destroys jet quality. Slower rotation (300 to 500 rpm) equals longer dwell time for the jets to do their job. Rotation allows the powerful rear jets to cover the entire inside of the pipe to cut the roots. It can cut roots from 3/16 to 1/2 inch in diameter. 866/795-1586;

  Truck-mounted jetter

The Camel Jet 1600 from Super Products is a truck-mounted, high-pressure waterjetting system that is ideal for keeping municipal sewers, sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainlines clean and free flowing. It utilizes three modular tanks to carry up to 1,600 gallons of water. The tanks are made of rotationally molded polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizers. Its Lexan containment system means that users have additional safety protection from hose rupture or high-pressure water. It utilizes a heavy-duty Triplex continuous-flow water pump to provide up to 80 gpm and pressure up to 2,000 psi. Its single-engine design translates to lower fuel costs, and it offers a front- or rear-mounted 180-degree rotating hose reel with a 1,000-foot capacity. 800/837-9711;

  Chain cutters

The Turbo S400 chain cutter from USB-Sewer Equipment Corporation is made of tempered stainless steel and offers continuously adjustable guide skids. The chain retainer is driven by a high-performance turbine to remove roots, grease and mineral deposits from 4- to 48-inch sewer lines. It uses recycled or clean water with an optimized 3-D hydromechanics design in conjunction with ceramic nozzle inserts. It can also be used as a barrel cutter with diamond bits for smooth removal of protruding laterals. Heavy mineral deposits can also be removed with carbide bits attached to the specialized chain. 866/408-2814;

  High-pressure jet machine

The Hot Shot high-pressure water jet machine from Vac-Con is ideal for removing stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris from sanitary sewer and storm lines through the flushing action of high-pressure water. It is equipped with a self-contained, non-corrosive, non-metallic water tank and can be operated by one man, with all operating controls for high-pressure water and the hose reel located at the front of the machine for ease of operation and safety. Its front-mounted hose reel can carry 600 feet of 1-inch hose, and it has a polyethylene water tank and a 30-gpm, 3,000-psi pump system. Its two-engine design uses the chassis engine to drive the vacuum. 904/493-4969;

  Combination sewer cleaner

The truck-mounted Ramjet combination sewer cleaner from Vactor Manufacturing is equipped with a Jet Rodder water pump to effectively break up blockages in sanitary lines and flush out debris. Armed with up to 2,500 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank, it delivers flows of 60 to 100 gpm at 2,000 or 2,500 psi. The water pump is a single-piston, hydraulically driven, dual-acting pump that delivers a jackhammer action water flow, breaking through line blockages and scouring caked-on debris from pipe walls. It can be configured with either a front- or rear-mounted hose reel. The auto-wind hose guide allows hands-free operation from the control panel for a clean, tight wrap. 800/627-3171;

  Root control system

The Vaporooter root control system uses a combination of metam sodium and dichlobenil to eliminate roots. Metam sodium penetrates root cells, destroying roots on contact, while dichlobenil bonds to pipe walls, joints and cracks, preventing new root growth from blocking pipes. The company’s Jet Set Commander allows operators to go from jetting to foaming with the push of a touch-screen button, and then retrieve the hose while filling the pipe with foam that kills roots on contact. The system can be added to most jet trucks. 800/223-3684;


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