TV Inspection Cameras - Modular pipe inspection camera

The modular M-Series pipe inspection system from Rausch Electronics USA is designed around the four-wheel-drive steerable crawler/tractor platform L135. Each camera and module is interchangeable via a quick-connect connector. The pan-and-tilt mainline TV camera mounts onto the electric lift of the crawler to inspect pipe diameters from 5.5 up to 60 inches. To upgrade the system to perform lateral launch inspections, remove the camera module from the crawler and attach the lateral launch module with the pan-and-tilt lateral camera. Lateral launch systems can push the lateral camera up to 160 feet into the lateral, and can negotiate branched laterals with a steering pin. It takes less than two minutes to switch the modules from mainline to lateral inspection, or vice versa. 717/709-1005;


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