Epoxies - Madewell Products two-component system

The use of a two-component system consisting of a high-build restoration mortar and a 100 percent solids epoxy corrosion barrier coating from Madewell Products is an effective way to repair and protect concrete and brick sewer structures. First the mortar is shot onto a damp substrate, using the water on the surface to achieve a strong bond. Then an epoxy topcoat is applied while the mortar is still soft, and the two materials cure together. The final product results in a strong and corrosion-resistant monolithic lining that provides a continuous surface. The mortar and topcoat are tightly bonded to the substrate and each other. This system eliminates the need to dry the structure prior to mortar application. The need for a second mobilization to apply the epoxy after the mortar has cured is also eliminated because the two materials cure simultaneously. 800/741-8199; www.madewell.net.


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