Pipe Lining - Prime Resins PR10 ACLM

PR10 ACLM acrylamide from Prime Resins is an economical grout suitable for use in mainline joints, laterals, pipe penetrations, manholes, lift stations, tunnels, mine shafts and for below-grade waterproofing. It is also an effective and cost-friendly option for stabilizing sandy, silty soils. It has a super low viscosity (1-3 cP), allowing grout to follow the same path as infiltrating water. It also has a higher strength compared to acrylates and greater longevity compared to silicates. Gel times are adjustable from a few seconds to hours to allow for travel (pipe grouting) or for thorough permeation (soil stabilization). It can be implemented via several versatile methods including remote packers, curtain grouting, probe grouting and TAM grouting. 800-321-7212; www.primeresins.com.


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