Sewer Nozzle Delivers Greater Pulling Power

WGP-1 Warthog from StoneAge
Sewer Nozzle Delivers  Greater Pulling Power

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The 9.1-inch-long, 4.8-inch-diameter maximum thrust WGP-1 Warthog sewer-cleaning nozzle from StoneAge is made for removing roots and grease and flushing 8- to 36-inch lines.

Designed to produce greater forward thrust, the puller nozzle has five jet ports, including a boring jet offset at 15 degrees and four jets at 155 degrees for forward thrust. The 12.1-pound nozzle has an operating pressure of 1,500 to 3,000 psi, rotation speed of 150 to 300 rpm, flow of 50 to 80 gpm and pulling force of 100 to 140 pounds. The inlet port comes in either 1 NPT or BSPP.

Controlled rotation of the five jets provides complete coverage of the pipe wall allowing adequate dwell time for cleaning, says Scott Hardy, customer service specialist. Replaceable StoneAge AP2 Attack Tips also produce a high-quality jet for improved wall cleaning.

“With this tool, the P is for pulling,” Hardy says. “We have a lot of municipal customers that typically have runs longer than 500 feet. They may have 600 to 900 feet of 1-inch hose on their combination trucks, and it takes maximum thrust to pull that much hose off a reel. I just spoke with a customer in Buena Vista, Calif., and they were able to pull with this tool farther than they had ever been able to go before. They went 270 feet past the previous longest distance.”

Where water usage is an issue, the nozzle’s ability to quickly run up a line enables crews to clean on retrieval, flushing debris back with the nozzle. Made of non-corrosive stainless steel, the nozzle has a replaceable centralizer and positive high-pressure seal that typically lasts a year.

“The only period maintenance we recommend is the fluid inside the tool for speed control and bearing lubrication,” Hardy says. “We recommend that every 40 to 60 hours of use they check the fluid level in the tool.” 866/795-1586;


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