Wellpoint Pump Offers Fuel Economy, Low Noise Operation

Wellpoint Pump Offers Fuel Economy, Low Noise Operation
NPC PT-90 wellpoint pump from National Pump & Compressor

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The NPC PT-90 wellpoint pump from National Pump & Compressor, available for rent or sale, has 6-inch connections, with a flow rating of 396 gpm and 65 feet of TDH.

Built for the rental market and designed for use in hard environments by operators with limited training, the self-priming pump has unrestricted dry-run capability and no sensitive electrical controls for reduced downtime, says Lee Ramer, East Coast sales manager for National Pump & Compressor. The pump creates a pulsating vacuum that enables it to remain in place for extended periods without clogging.

“The NPC PT-90 is a high-quality, low-cost-of-operation solution for groundwater control with a focus on wellpoint and sock drain applications,” Ramer says. “This is especially important in applications where transmission lines and other underground structures, common in the municipal sewer and water industry, are being installed and/or repaired.”

The pump has a 90-percent efficiency rating and requires no daily maintenance. Powered by a 1D81Z Hatz engine (500 to 1,500 hours between service checks) that consumes less than 0.4 gallons of fuel per hour, pumps are available in open diesel, stackable frame, compact or economy canopy models. Enclosed units emit 49 dBa at 30 feet, approximately the level of a standard refrigerator.

The low decibel rating allows the pump to be used in areas sensitive to environmental noise, including residential, retirement homes and hospitals. “Noise reduction also creates an environment that is safer to work in. For example, personnel can communicate easier and alert one another to dangers,” Ramer says.

The pump is manufactured in The Netherlands and has a cast iron casing. Internal moving parts are made of bronze and stainless steel, enabling the pump to be used in applications with higher mineral content (salt and iron) without damage. It can handle solids such as small stones, sand and leaves, and is fully self-lubricating with no need for additional sumps. Fuel capacity ranges from 26 gallons (PT open diesel model) to 79 gallons (PT economy model). Stackable frame and bare shaft models weigh 1,798.8 pounds; the PT economy canopy model weighs 4,707 pounds.

Other features include double-wall fuel containment and small footprint (models range from 6.5 feet by 2.1 feet by 2.5 feet for the bare shaft and electric models to 8.9 feet by 2.6 feet by 3.5 feet for the open diesel unit). 888/840-5886; www.npcrents.com.


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