Product Spotlight: Municipal water line offers durability and easy installation.

Product Spotlight: Municipal water line offers durability and easy installation.

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Employing a cleaning nozzle equipped with a camera is not a replacement for tried-and-true mainline camera inspections. But they can certainly add an extra level of efficiency to a cleaning job.

Enz USA Camera nozzles — including the eBomb and the eBulldog — are efficient cleaning nozzles and cameras in one. According to Enz USA Sales Manager Dana Hicks, the nozzles are very easy to use and videos are easily accessible.

“What was needed from our end users was to be more efficient,” he says. “Enz is first and foremost a nozzle manufacturer, so with the understanding that we are not competing with the mainline cameras, we wanted to give jetting operators an additional tool when cleaning the sewer pipes that allows them to get two things done at once.”

Enz camera nozzles operate on WiFi through the technician’s phone (iPhone, iPad or Android), and the videos upload to the Enz Cloud for GPS storage. The camera has an eight-hour-runtime battery with a Qi wireless charging station, HD Ready resolution, 134-degree field of vision, MP4 video format, self-leveling camera, a robust double sapphire lens for the camera eye and 12 LEDs for lighting.

The camera technology is offered with different cleaning tools. The eBomb is an efficient Grenade Bomb nozzle for cleaning and flushing. For extra rotating action, the camera is offered on the Bulldog nozzle to clean 360 degrees around the pipe while inspecting. The popular Bulldozer pull nozzle is also offered with the camera to clean and inspect storm sewers. According to Hicks, the camera option stemmed specifically from customer requests.

“As with any Enz product, many years of research and development has been put into the camera,” he says. “We asked many people what the pipe cleaning industry needed, and efficiency for the jetting operators was the discussion. Helping the operator get more done while cleaning the pipes accomplishes this. Now they are cleaning pipes and collecting information simultaneously.”

According to Hicks, customers have liked what they’ve seen. “The feedback has been excellent. Training and using the camera has been so simple. Operators like the idea that they can see instantly how well the pipe was cleaned, or if there are issues that need further attention like grease, roots, cracks or even damage.” 877-369-8721;


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