The ManUp Key

The revolutionary tool to release stuck manhole covers

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The ManUp Key

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“Everywhere is walking distance – if you have the time,” we are told, and while that may be true, we invented the car because we wanted to get to places quicker while using less energy. Similarly, bashing a stuck and seized man- hole cover with a hammer and chisel, struggling with pry bars, and breaking and replacing the cover will eventually give access to the chamber. But using the ManUp Key you gain access quicker and use less energy. 

The ManUp Key uses patented slide-hammer technology to free stuck manhole covers, sewer lids and storm drains quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely. It is significantly more successful and safer than the old- fashioned methods still being used today. 

The Key also boasts a range of easily interchangeable tips, allowing users to release all types of covers with only one Key. It is currently used in over 25 countries worldwide and is saving many companies’ time, effort and money. Additionally, it is used in a number of different industries from drainage to electricity, telecoms to water author- ities, construction to utilities, and from fire ser- vices to gas and pest control. Anyone who has to gain access to underground chambers and open covers will benefit from this Key. 

Engineers in all of these industries waste time every day struggling and battling with covers that are stuck and seized for many different reasons. The ManUp Key provides a quick, simple, effi- cient and safe one-man solution to that problem. The reason the ManUp Key is so successful is due to the difference between impact and force. If you wanted to dismantle a brick wall, for example, you wouldn’t stand there and continue to push it hoping it will eventually fall. You’d hit it with a hammer because hitting it is more effective. We have taken that same principle and applied it to releasing stuck and seized manhole covers. It is incredibly simple to use – just select the correct tip for the cover that is causing problems, and you are ready to go. 

Originally sold and made in the United Kingdom, the Key is now available in North America from a number of stockists. It was on display at the WWETT Show in Indianapo- lis in January, and it will also be on the show floor in New Orleans at WEFTEC in October. See it in per- son and try it out on the demo set up at the booth. Or, get in touch with one of the company’s stockists in North America, and they will be able to show you the Key. 

A number of water authorities in the UK have reported eliminating back injuries from the pro- cess of releasing stuck manhole covers since using the ManUp Key. They have also reported replac- ing 95% less covers by gaining access with the ManUp Key. You can see the North American website at


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